Windsor 2015

Stevens' Pixbrook Joyrider At Sanbosier. O/w. At 8 months old did not put a foot wrong. Very pretty feminine head with dark eye. Medium length of neck, straight front, plenty of rib and correct rear angulation. A picture moving with high head carriage and short stride. A promising puppy. BP. - Janette Yarrow.

National Gundog 2015

Stevens' Pixbrook Joyrider At Sanbosier. What a well constructed youngster, not quite 10 months and very confident. Pretty feminine head, correctly proportioned, on a good neck, leading into well placed shoulders. A well rounded bottom and strong quarters, producing the typical Brittany short gait required. Enough knuckle left to bring her to the correct finished size. One to watch! Best Puppy. - Anne Massie

Welsh Kennel Club 2016

Stevens' Pixbrook Joyrider At Sanbosier. 22 month old of super size, make and shape, good bone and feet, she has the best of feminine heads, dark eye with an extremely alert expression, ears set and carried high, medium length strong neck, deep chest, well rounded ribs, short strong loin, she moved very well with a brisk short stride. RCC- Jackie Ward.

National Gundog 2018

Stevens Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier.

Mature and well built Orange bitch, one of the few with that cheeky expression I was looking for, very alert, with high set ears, feminine in head with good tight lips, good length of neck, broad chest, strong topline which she held on the move, good bone and feet, correct broad thighs and strong croup.This bitch has matured nicely and was well handled. Move well. BCC - Patricia Rush

Bournemouth 2018

Steven’s Pixbrook Joyrider At Sanbosier. Bitch CC. Preferred compactness and head of the winner. Beautiful head with lovely eye & expression; nice earset and carriage. Well balanced overall with very square, cobby outline. Excellent depth of chest & spring of rib. Sufficient width in front; correct angulation fore & aft. Excellent width of upper & lower thigh. Correct topline. Shown in excellent muscular condition and good coat - Kathy Gorman