Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier

Tizzy show pic - my edit.jpg


Sire: Jassendue Inspiration at Sanbosier

Dam - Pixbrook Eloise

Date of Birth: 10th October 2014

Hip Score 3/5

Tizzy is a kind natured, biddable and incredibly intelligent young lady excelling at everything she has turned her "paw" to so far.

She is doing well in the Show Ring achieving the Our Dogs Top Brittany Puppy 2015 award and achieving her first Reserve Challenge Certificate at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show 2016, this earned her a Kennel Club Stud Book number, giving her a lifetime qualification for entry to Crufts which unfortunately, due to the docking legislation she is sadly unable to take advantage of.  In 2018 Tizzy gained two Challenge Certificates, her first was given by Breed Specialist Judge Patricia Rush at National Gundog Championship Show and a week later, another by Breed Specialist Kathy Gorman at Bournemouth Championship Show.

Tizzy is showing talent in the working side of things recently completing her first season as a "Working Girl".  We also hope to participate in Working Tests next year, something new for both of us to learn.

Scentwork is a hobby we have both recently started.  What a fantastic thing it is!  There is nothing more satisfying than watching your dog sniff out the scents planted in a variety of locations.  A real showcase of the power of the dogs nose.  In March 2017 Tizzy passed her Scentwork UK Level 1 Trial, achieving second place and full marks.