Bournemouth 2015

Stevens' Jassendue Inspiration At Sanbosier.  A Super b/w roan dog with excellent head proportion  into strong neck and super forefront, a well balanced square cobby dog with good angulations all round with a good short striding excellent movement. In super condition and fully focused with handler.  DCC and BOB. - Mick Young

Midland Counties 2014

Stevens' Jassendue Inspiration At Sanboisier. Cobby b/w roan that I have always liked, typical Breton expression with high set ears, straight front, correct moderate bend of stifle with hocks in line with buttock giving that typical clipped short striding gait which looked lovely in profile, ribcage well rounded and short coupled, excellent feet, moving a little wide in front, would just like him a touch bigger for a male. - Barbara Anderson

Darlington 2014

Stevens' Jassendue Inspiration At Sanbosier. Smart, very typical and balanced, strong, clean, pleasing head, developed clean neck, flowing through firm back, good loin, correct in croup, construction just right for the breed making for typical action. In good order. - Patsy Hollings

Bath 2014

Stevens' Jassendue Inspiration. Very promising 15 months B/W. Typical head, with good skull, stop, muzzle and ears. Attentive eye and expression. Excellent lay of shoulder and upper arm. Well made body and ribs for age.  - Jinty Gill Davis